The   Great   Delusion
That They Should Believe A Lie


2 Thessalonians 2:11 - And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

There has been much speculation as to what the 'strong delusion' of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 might refer to in the real world of the end-times of this age.
A venerable orangoutang

The venerable orangoutang -
a spoof of Charles Darwin;
The Hornet Magazine, 1871.

Also, there have been those before that have perceived that evolution may indeed be the basis for that delusion. Therefore, what we must do here is to strengthen the Scriptural as well as factual support for that view, plus to document how completely the doctrine of evolution has influenced our modern cast of thought - how it invades even our views of faith in Scripture.

This section of the Mysteries web site is taken from an unpublished book manuscript [ms]. The ms is unpublished partly because it was considered part of the ongoing argument concerning creationism vs evolution. Of course, such an approach is unavoidable in an attempt to demonstrate that evolution is the 'great delusion'; if evolution was a proven fact there could be no delusion involved.

However, the challenge faced here is to not only show how the concept of evolution has so completely pervaded our societies and our thinking about many various things, but also to demonstrate how science has been so co-opted into the thinking process as to become analogous to the church's inquisition of the Middle Ages.
Galileo before the Inquisition

'Galileo before the
Holy Office' - 19th
century painting
by Joseph-Nicolas

Too often today science has come to defend its consensus on some issues as proven fact and not theory. No better contemporary example can be presented than the issue of anthropogenic climate change - man-caused global warming [or cooling, etc.] A group of scientists has claimed that not only is the science settled that man is causing climate change, but has gone further to propose that all those opposing that view should at least be banned from their professions, if not actually be put in jail.

Does this approach result in 'settled science'? It is only settled if any credible opposition is suppressed and silenced.
The famous 'hockey stick' of 1,000 years of global temperatures

The famous - and controversial - hockeyy stick graph of global temperatures for the past 1,000 years. It was published in 1998 and appended in 2005. Controversy focuses upon how - and from what source - the data was collected and factors that might have been overlooked.
The picture was taken from Wikipedia.

It is not the intent of this work to discuss the merits of anthropogenic climate change, but to point out that the dictatorial attitude of some 'scientists' on this issue extends to other scientific disciplines as well - particularly the THEORY of evolution. It is declared that there is enough evidence to support evolution, that it constitutes heresy and ignorance to even question the facts. This has perhaps led some scientists to aggressively create or falsify data to attempt to prove outcomes.

It is easy to embrace the idea of evolution when we examine our modern technology. It seems obvious that we have evolved into a technological society with cars, airplanes, computers... on and on. We can look back at the past and state that we see no evidence of any such advanced technologies in the human past.
Antikythera 2000 year-old astronomical computer

'In 1901 divers working off
the [Greek] isle of Antikythera found the remains of a clocklike mechanism 2,000 years old.
The mechanism now appears
to have been a device for
calculating the motions of stars and planets' - From June 1959 Scientific American pp. 60-7

But: is absence of evidence evidence of absence? The more science and archaeology uncover in the human past that defies our provincial views of their primitivism and lack of knowledge, the more we are forced to search for explanations that fit the concept of evolution. One popular alternative to considering possible advanced technologies in the dim historic human past is to attribute that critical ability to extra-terrestrial alien beings. It is easier to conceive of other advanced societies [that have evolved beyond earthly capabilities] visiting primitive man than to question the concept of evolution
by considering that mankind may have embraced technologies in the past perhaps as yet unknown to us today.

The historical and archaeological record is full of unexplained phenomena that need to be considered in a forum of open ideas; yet too often those details are suppressed, even attacked in a very unscientific manner - isolated in a buried and secret vault.

This ms will attempt to open the door to that secret chamber just a little.

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