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Language is the symbolic representation of our deepest concepts of how we relate to the creation around us. Therefore those concepts can be penetrated with the proper linguistic analysis.

Indeed, we find that prophecy is nothing more that the extension of cause and effect... in the spiritual realm.

The waters above reflect the waters below... and the waters below reflect the waters above. All history of human affairs can be identified by spiritual principles. For example, we know that the line of Christ descends from Noah's son Shem. It is less well recognised that the line of antichrist descends from HAM.

Indeed all of the operations of the antichrist can be traced through HAM.

In the simplest terms, language has been used to identify a spiritual element. The first evidence of this element is found in the book of Esther; the Grand Vizier decides to anhilate Israel [and thus cut off the line of Christ]-- his name is Haman.

With proper discipline, many other spiritual elements that appear prophetic may be identified. For example, Acts 16:16 states that Paul encountered a woman possessed with a spirit of divination; but in the original Greek text, the word for divination is PYTHON. Any reasonable imagination can embellish this spirit with its proper character once this word is identified.

Likewise, Ezekiel 38:3 says: I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal... In the Hebrew text, the word for chief is rosh; this has naturally led interpreters to assign Russia as the land of Gog.

But these are simple word associations, and do not do credit to the spirit of prophecy.

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